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Holi Wishing Script Website.

In this article, I will show you how to make a festival wishing website and in this post I will tell you how to make a Happy Holi wishing website for WhatsApp and earn money from your wishing website and this is very easy to make this Happy Holi wishing websitebecause I will give you my Happy Holi cript free so you can edit it and make it own.

This Happy Holi script is also for blogger and you know this type of blogging is known as event blogging and you know event bloggingis a very quick way to earn money. And if you make a festival wishing website then it is more probability that your content is viral. And you know if your content is viral then it gives you a lot of money.

Below is the process of how to make Happy Holi wishingscript so you can make it easilyand if you like this article then also share it with your friends and I hope for the best that you earn so much money from this Happy Holi wishing website.

Step 1

First you have to create a new blog then enter your title name on title box and in the second box you have to enter here your blog address and if your blog address is not available then try another one and after that you have to select a simple theme from the theme and then just click on create blog. Now your new blog is created.

Step 2

Now you have to Download the Happy Holi Day wishing script and notepad++ both download links are below. Click here:- Happy holi script Demo
Download Happy Holi Script
Download Notepad++

Step 3

After downloading the happy holi script and notepad++. Then right click on the downloaded script and select edit with notepad++. And then search for the in the script and replace from your website URL address and you have to replace all with your blog URL.

Step 4

You see some blank spaces in the script and above you see a line Adsense code here. And in those blank spaces, you have to put your AdSense ads code so you can earn money with your happy holi wishing script .

Step 5

After edited, the script goes back to your blog and selects the theme.

Step 6

Click on the setting button in theme.

Step 7

Now click on No. show desktop theme on mobile devices.

Step 8

Now scroll down in themes and in the end, you see an option revert to classic theme click on it.

Step 9

Now you see a box that is edit theme HTML you have to delete all the HTML Code and copy your script HTML code and paste it in the box. Now your wishing website is ready now you can share it on WhatsApp and earn money from your Happy Holi wishing script website.

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